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New Motocross BLOG | Date: 22.06.2017 | Racing Starts Guide: Racing Starts Guide For Beginners | MXJGTV

As you may well know Motocross is a sacrificial sport. You have to sacrifice your body towards the cause. You also
have to sacrifice some of your time so you can train hard in the gym and rest your body the day before a race.
    The sport requires grit, determination, dedication, bravery, psychological strength, physical strength, self-belief, confidence, talent and
stamina to be successful at the highest level. All these characteristics sum up just how difficult being an accomplished
Motocross racer is. The true meaning of the sport to me is that it builds character and confidence which is beneficial in every walk of my life.
I gained inspiration over the years from the most talented racers that I've watched closely both on the TV and the internet.
You would be surprised how much you can learn from watching the techniques of the best riders. Being knowledgeable in a sport
as technical as this is definitely advantageous. I can honestly say it is the most difficult sport I've ever done in my life. I cannot compare it to
any other sport I've taken up. Nothing can match it for pure intensity and eventfulness to my mind. At the start of the races I was always nervous
because of the potentially dangerous scenario of motorcycles colliding during the first corner. This is where your courage becomes advantageous.
A lack of courage would undoubtedly see you struggle in a race at any level. I cannot emphasise enough on how intense the top racers are.
Winning a race is never easy. You have to be constantly revving that throttle for the whole race whilst maintaining the upmost consistency.
The masters of this motorsport spend hours mastering their craft out on the track and putting time in at the gym during the build-up to a race meeting.
The keys to being successful in Motocross are: Sacrifice, dedication and preparation. Without any of these traits you will struggle to be the best.

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